Short Movies

Allround artist Dave Damen made four short movies exclusively for Shine-a-Light. The music for the first two was composed by Bart de Win. On the third one Allison Russell and Bart de Win did a musical improvisation while watching the video, and on the fourth one you'll hear the vocal improvisations of counter tenor of Dave Damen.

Soft strawberries, glittering redberries, juicy passion fruits,  pomegranates and overripe blackberries lie exposed on a table and form an overwhelming and sensual splendor of colors and forms. Juices sparkle, while dripping slowly from fruit to fruit. Expectantly the splendid treasures of nature lie awaiting. Zooming in on the  fruit we subsequently see how the fruits are being manufactured into a piece of jewelry, sometimes even with a crudity that’s close to porn. The overripe fruits are being punctured by a sharp needle. The maker deprives the fruit of its beauty to embellish herself. Beauty and decay go hand in hand. Tremulously the camera registers how juices get lost while the fruit is being sacrificed. The necklace is sensual and splendid but decay takes over almost immediately. The necklace cries sweet tears of passion fruit and strawberry. A living piece of art.  

Video by Dave Damen
Music composed by Bart de Win
Piano: Bart de Win
Pedal steel: Kim Deschamps 
Vocals: Bart de Win & Walt Wilkins

A beautiful jewel is reachless because it is deeply stuck in a rock of ice. A beautiful young woman longs to free the necklace from the ice and make the jewel her own, or reunite with it. She looks at it anxiously, strokes the cold and rough surface of the ice, and embraces the rock as if it was her lover, lays down her head on it and waits patiently until she can cherish her treasure. The necklace is anchored deep in the heart of the ice. We can see it’s bright colors being distorted by the layers of ice. The young woman melts the ice slowly with the warmth of her body. In the end she can’t control herself anymore and slashes the ice violently. When she finally frees the necklace out of it’s cold prison melancholia gets a hold of her. The woman puts the freezing necklace around her neck and the last pieces of ice melt on her skin, while she stares in the distance.

Video by Dave Damen
Music composed by Bart de Win
Keys: Bart de Win
Featuring: Lotte 

Through a setting of wet streets, enlightened by street lanterns, traffic lights, cars and neon signs a beautiful woman walks, defying the rain. She is gorgeously dressed, with pretty clothes, elegant shoes and long shiny curls. She has obviously been to a chic party, and she’s now on her way home. Though it’s raining cats and dogs, the young woman gloriously continues her walk. She is wearing a special jewel, that fulfills her with confidence. She’s feeling strong; nothing can bring her down. She lets her hair, clothes and make up get soaking wet and keeps on walking with a smile on her face. This woman can stand up to the world, the necklace gives her sensuality and strength. Her beauty reflects in the wet streets and the rain. These lights and colors are a mysterious echo of the colorful party she has been a part of that evening. 

Video by Dave Damen 
Musical improvisation by Bart de Win (percussion, guitar) & Allison Russell (vocals)
Featuring: Sija

In the twilight a mysterious woman holds a lantern and gazes nervously into the darkness of the falling night. She crosses dark forest paths and narrow alleys in great agitation. She hides her hair and in her hand something is glittering. She seems obsessed by it. We follow the woman, on the run with her pray in the night, on her way to a secretive place full of burning candles. In the warmth of the  flickering light she reveals herself in front of an altar, where she has collected an abundance of jewels, glittering in the light of the many candles. Her skin and red hair are illuminated by the warm glow of the fire. She opens her hands and exposes her new treasure. The moment she puts the necklace around her neck she transforms into a sensual, but possessed phantom. Then follows an almost insane apotheosis, resulting in a calm serenity. Finally she can wear the piece of jewelry, she is complete. The madness  restrained, the desire quenched.

Video by Dave Damen  
Musical improvisation by Bart de Win (piano) & Dave Damen (vocals) 
Featuring: Isis